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SigmaStudio Print function

Category: Software
Software Version: 4.7

Are there any plans to fix the Print function in Sigma Studio?

I find that it always seems to leave part of my design schematic off the page.

I have tried scaling with Auto-Fit and using various settings of manual scaling but nothing seems to work and I can't even work out any logic in which parts it seems to centre on.

I have tried moving the schematic about on the "work-sheet" but that doesn't seem to achieve anything.

I have tried A4 and A3 sheet sizes and different printers, including" Microsoft Print to PDF" but always part of the schematic is lost off the sheet.

Odd thing is, where I have included Hierarchy sheets, they all seem to come out OK, it is only the first sheet that always goes wrong

I would really like to be able to document my designs by printing out the schematic as a PDF file but so far the only thing that has worked for me is to make the schematic as big as possible on my monitor and do a screen capture, not really ideal.



  • Hello Philip,

    I tried few large projects and can make it clear within the page by adjusting manual settings. Anyway, Few cases were reported on this topic and there were some work arounds. I will link you to those posts, these posts are too old. If you find a solution then it's fine. You can find the posts here and  here.

    And why don't you send your project , I could try simulating it. If problem exists as you said then we will make a note of it.