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RESOLVED: Unable to open HiFiBerry .dspproj files

I have just installed SigmaStudio 4.6 from the Analog website. I am trying to open .dspproj files provided by HiFiBerry at None of them will open – nothing happens, no error message. I downloaded a random .dspproj file from the EZ and this opened without any problem. Since this suggests there is a problem with the files, I asked on the HiFiBerry forum, but they were not very helpful and insisted the problem must be with my installation.

I have tried to reinstall 4.6 – no difference.

I also tried installing 4.5 and the 4.5.1 consumer beta – no difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is anyone else able to open any of the files in the GitHub repository above?

UPDATE: Resolved. There was a bug in the download tool I used to collect the files from Github.

Updated to reflect resolution
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  • Hello Beneix,

    I can able to open and work on the files from the above github repository. We suggest you to check the respective dll files for the project, those have to be added. Because in that repository most of the projects are using TCP/IP. So TCPIP.dll file must be added in your Sigmastudio.Kindly verify it and revert us.



  • I have TCPIP.dll, version, in my C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SigmaStudio 4.6 directory. It is also ticked in the Add-Ins browser. Should this be sufficient?

  • Hello Beneix,

    I am using SigmaStudio version 4.6 and revision 1812. I am able to open and work.

    If possible could you please try in this Revision ?. Because it just works fine for me.

    If you are still facing issues then kindly revert us.



  • Thanks for responding. I would be happy to try 1812, however only 1809 is available for download.

    By the way, I have Microsoft .NET 4.8 installed. Do I need to downgrade to 4.7?

    Update: I have now also tested on another system, running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 19042.1110 – with the exact same result. I can open .dspproj files, but not those from HiFiBerry.