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SigmaStudio crashes on TCP communication with ADAU1451

I am running SigmaStudio 4.6 Build 0. Rev 1812 on Windows 10 Home 19043.1466 64-bit.

Having just done a fresh install of SigmaStudio, I created a new project. I added my ADAU1451 and TCP communication to the configuration:

I then changed the IP address for TCP to the correct one for my ADAU1451 (it is part of a RPi HAT from HiFiBerry, DAC+DSP). I successfully read the register values:

But, as I continue to work, I soon get an error message:

Sometimes SigmaStudio crashes at this point. Sometimes I can do more reads from the register. Sometimes SigmaStudio crashes without displaying the TCP error message.

In any case, I am unable to get further since the software crashes within minutes of starting the project.

Any pointers as to what I can do to resolve this? I know that there is no problem for other software to communicate with the RPi – I have a Putty SSH session open and can also view the RPi via VNC etc., all these sessions stay up without issues. Since I am able to pull register data from the ADAU1451, I doubt there can be any firewall involved.

This is the start of my journey with SigmaStudio and the ADAU1451 and I'd really like to get going! Any help most appreciated.

Added 64-bit Windows info
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