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Compile error with "One Shot Rise" block on ADAU1467


    Wanted to add "Table default value" after booting DSP. Found an example with "One Shot Rise" block on the forum.

After adding block - "One Shot Rise" to my project it makes error during compilation.

##### Compile Started: Monday, January 3, 2022 8:42:04 PM #####
error (19,ONSRise1): Unexpected token ']', instruction or type expected (688,13)
##### Compile FAILED: 1 errors, 0 warnings #####

Can anybody help with that ? Maybe there some better solution for "Table default value" after boot ?

There is link to my project

Best regards,


  • Hello Vadim,

    We have been looking into this issue for the past couple of days. It appears that your project is somehow corrupted causing this strange issue. The project I wrote for setting a default value does compile and function fine so there is nothing wrong with the One-Shot block or any of the other blocks. For some reason it does not compile in your project. It is a compiler error. If I compile your project I do get the same error so there is an issue in your actual project file. If I load up my example project it compiles fine and it is the exact same blocks connected exactly the same. 

    In my experimentation I did find that adding a ReadBack cell after the feedback cell did allow the program to compile correctly.

    Here is what I did:

    So something in your program is causing an issue with the compiler. I do not think this is anything you did wrong. I will submit this to the programming team to look into. So at the moment you can add the Readback cell into your program and I would also recommend you keep backup copies of the project as you work on it. 

    This work-around should help you continue with this project without rebuilding it from a new blank project. At some point it would probably be good to do that. You can copy and paste the settings of blocks from one project to another which helps to make rebuilding faster. 

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

       Adding ReadBack block helps. Also i will rebuild whole project in the future to prevent another issues.

    Thank you !