Hierarchy board module labels renaming breaking change between V4.5 and V4.6

In the release notes for Sigma Studio 4.6 there is an entry saying "Module labels are maintained unique when hierarchy boards are copied and pasted within the schematic."

This is causing me problems:

I have created some modules as Hierarchy boards so that I can copy/paste or save/load them as blocks around my design.

In version 4.5, the modules are not renamed when pasted/loaded. This is just fine for me because, when I do the System Export the module #defines have the full hierarchy preserved.

A simplified example would be an output processing hierarchy board with a single filter module in it (amongst other things). The filter is labelled "Filter"

Then when I copy/paste/save/load this output processing board 3 times (labeled "Out1", "Out2", "Out3") and compile and export system files I will have a bunch of  filters with cell names "Out1.Filter", "Out2.Filter", "Out3.Filter" when I look in the project xml export.

I post process the project xml to create a hierarchical map to use in my microcontroller code. So in the end, each output block has a unique FIlter labelled "Filter"

In version 4.6 the modules are renamed when pased/loaded. This means that my example above will now produce "Out1.Filter", "Out2.Filter_2", "Out3.Filter_3"

This means that when my microcontroller wants to look up Out2 Filter, it will not find it.

It also renames the Hierarchy Input and Output tags!

This is really irritating - I have Hierarchy boards with lots of modules in them and it is a real pain (and error prone) to have to edit them after loading. I suppose I could edit in my post-processing script but what are the renaming rules?

Neither can I load the project into 4.5 because I am using NxM Mixer modules that I have upgraded to the latest version

Is there an option that I can set somewhere?



added tags being renamed
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