Sigmastudio 4.6 on page interconnect symbol

Just started using Sigmastudio 4.6 and getting good results with RF clipper and compressor for ham radio application, the design is getting big but not so big as to have to use hierarchical blocks. The on page interconnect symbols as shown connected to input  in the post below  would tidy things up but look as I may I cannot find them in the tool tree, help please.

John Knott

ADAU1701 Instruction Usage Table

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    on May 10, 2021 10:16 PM

         Hello John,

         Ham radio projects are useful and fun!  To make an interconnect, right-click any pin and select Alias.  As shown below, this provides an alias at the pin, and a matching one nearby.  Connect the loose alias as desired. The example below makes an alias at the DC Source output.  You can also right-click an input pin, which works similarly.  To connect a single output to more than one input, Ctrl-drag its destination alias to duplicate it.  Since aliases are made by right-clicking as described, they don't appear in the Toolbox.  Right-clicking the wires in a project brings up some other features you may find useful.

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