Urgent: need RSM read back cell


Currently, I am using peak read back cell to read/measure  incoming audio signals in my ADAU1476 signal flow. However, I need to put RSM reader in order for local mcu to read the value and report it to the GUI.

I couldn't find RSM read back cell so far. there is an RSM (Single level detector but mcu can't read it ).

Thanks, Semi 

  • Hello Semi,

    As I recall, you are using the peak envelope generator to obtain the level readings. Using the actual meters are a little more complicated.

    I think the simplest thing for you is to use the RMS Envelope Generator for the meter reading. It is kind of hidden in the tree toolbox.

    Here is where you can find it.

    You will have to set the rise time you like (the time constant) and set the hold to the time interval that you are polling the data. Then the release time will have to be set for your preferences.

    Dave T

  • Hello David,

    Thanks for the detailed reply.

    Would you tell me what is the difference between this cell and the "Running Average  Avg/Env" cell? 

    Thanks, Semi