ADSP-21587 SHARC+ Static Memory Controller setup


I'm trying to use the Static Memory Controller (SMC) of a ADSP-21587 to connect an LCD module.  The module has a normal parallel interface 16 bits wide, a register select pin for writing command or data, a ~RE, ~WE, and a ~CS.  I've used the GPIO mode of every pin and explicitly set each signal to create a read and write function.  The hardware is confirmed working.

When I try to configure as the SMC peripheral I can't get anything to happen:

I use the pin-multiplexing add-in of CCES to configure A01(RS), AMS0(~CS), ARE(~RE), AWE(~WE) and D0-D15 for SMC.  I initialize the bus timing register pREG_SMC0_B0TIM and enable the bank with pREG_SMC0_B0CTL bit zero. After bootup the bus control lines are taken high as expected.  However, now I can't read or write to the SMC bank 0 addresses and get the SMC bus to do anything.  I'm trying:

#define LCD_CMD ((uint16_t *)0x40000002)
#define LCD_DATA ((uint16_t *)0x40000000)

*LCD_CMD = some_value;
*LCD_DATA = some_value;

The AMS0, AWE and ARE lines are never changing (I can't find the signals changing on an oscilloscope)

What else do I need to be doing to get the SMC to read and write the bus like this?