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How to disconnect the DPI pin from device in SRU?


I use SRU to connect the DPI pins to the UART:


In the next code, I need to connect another DPI pins to the UART, the ADSP-21371 has only one UART, so firstly I need to disconnect DPI 13 and DPI 14 from UART and connect another DPI pins, e.g. DPI 01 and DPI 02. How to do this correctly?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Afinko,

    The ADSP-21368 HRM gives you information on what to do with the unused SRU pins.


    "If a DAI/DPI pin is not being used, the pin enable (for example DAI_PBxx_I ) for its pin buffer should be connected to LOW and its  associated bit in the DAI_PIN_PULLUP register should be set (= 1) to enable a 22.5 k Ω pull-up resistor for that pin."



    So for your case, set the bits for 13 and 14 to be high in the DPI_PIN_PULLUP register, tie the pin buffer input to LOW. -> SRU(LOW,DPI_PB14_I)

    Then you can connect pin 1 and 2 to UART signals.


    Hope this helps,