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ADSP-21367-DMA FIFO Status

Hi I am using External port DMA for reading an arrray of data from SDRAM in ADSP-21367 processor.

I am not using External port DMA interrupt to check the DMA completion.

I am checking  only the EXTS bit

#define EXTS        (BIT_24)

    r0 = dm(DMAC0); 
    r1 = EXTS;                   // DMA External interface status check       
    r1 = r0 and r1;    
    if ne jump Wait_for_DMA_Complete;

Wait_until_FIFO_Empty :

    r0 = dm(DMAC0);

    r2 = fext r0 by 7:2;      // Check whether DFS bit is set/clr

    r2 = pass r2;       

    if ne jump Wait_until_FIFO_Empty;

whether the DFS  bit -DMA FIFO Status  also needs to be verified for empty status.

I am getting partially filled status and the code remains in the same loop.But in Memory window.

DMA seems to be completed.

Please suggest one solution for this?