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who can help me for 21369?

I made one circuit board with sharc 21369,but it can't work, who can give me advices or help to check out what's wrong?i listed out the step i did:
1.i use C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\213xx\Examples\ADSP-21369 EZ-KIT Lite\Talkthru Analog In-Out (ASM) this example code test in the ez-lite board, and rem the two initializing code ( //   call _initSDRAM;  )and (   // call _init1835viaSPI;),and it can work well in ez-lite
(working at 6:1,and without using ad/da and 12.288 osc,all these supplied through DAI port)
2.then i use the correct code testing in my board(my board is same with ez_lite,but without 12.288 osc and ad/da),but it didn't work.
3. i modified the initSRU.asm ,connect ad and da via sru,and it can work well.

the step 3 means all my hardware can work well,but the original code is receiving data from port0,then sendout with interrupt to port1,it can't work well(seems lost one array data,the music sounds every second lost part of music.)
who can tell me what should i do then to check out the problem?

and> my 21369 is LQFP-208, but not BGA

  • Hi,

    I need little more clarifications to comment better on your issue:

    1) Could you please elaborate more on what exact interface you want to achieve in your final application?

    2) You mentioned that ".then i use the correct code testing in my board(my board is same with  ez_lite,but without 12.288 osc and ad/da),but it didn't work". I am not very clear by this. What code you tried running on your board? You mentioned that you don't have an on-board codec and the oscliator to provide MCLK to the codec. In that case what is the code you want to run on your board in standalone mode which fails?

    3) Do you want to establish an inteface between your board and the on-chip codec of an ADSP-21369 EZ-Kit and that's where you face the issues?



  • i didn't say very clearly, sorry at first.

    1) i have anotherone  board include 12.288 osc and a/d ,d/a, i send mclk/sclk/lrclk through DAI 6,7,8  the same using way as ez_lite board, and i use ez_lite to test the example code , and the code can work well at the ez_lite,  then i use the same code to test in my own board, but it work wrong.the data in/out all same with ez_lite(DAI 5 is in, DAI 12 is out).

    2) what i check now is: only receive data from DAI 5 to SPROT0,and then using interrupt to transfer data to SPORT1(which is out to DAI 12), the example code is so intention.the code can work well in the ez_lite, but it can't work well at my own board,

    3)no, i only want to establish my own 21369 circuit mini board, can work ,can write flash, can do more work later, but now at first i have to pass it with example code, but now so esay code can't work well, it make me really confused and don't know how to check.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for further details.

    I understand that you have two boards with your own design. One board (say B1) is equipped with the same codec i.e. AD1835A as in the EZ-Kit and is connected to the DSP with similar connections as in the EZ-Kit. Another board(say B2) you have doesn't have the codec. But, it receives the ADC data from another board on DAI5 and loopbacks the same data to the DAC of antoher board on DAI12.  The code that runs on B1 uses same source files "initPLL_SDRAM.asm", "initSRU.asm", and "init1835viaSPI.asm" to configure the codec. While the code that runs on B2 uses same "initSPORT.asm". Is that correct?

    Also, I am not clear whether you are facing issues with the code that runs on B1 or with the code that runs on B2 or with both. Could you please clarify?

    To get better clarification on the exact issue, could you please get back with following details?

    1) Could you please post the schematics of both the boards B1 and B2 showing various DAI connections ?

    2) Could you please post the complete VisualDSp projects that you run on B1 and B2 with which you see the problem ?

    3) Could you please post a block diagram showing the connections between B1 and B2 you would like to achieve in your system?



  • Hi,

    Could you please let us know the status on this issue. We can close this thread is the issue is already solved. Else, please get back with the answers to the questions I mentioned in my previous post.



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    Thank you,
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