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ADSP 21262 EZKIT Lite SPORT DMA Problem

For my application I am trying to read in sample pairs (left and right) from the ADC. The sample pairs are then processed, and the resulting data pair is written to DAC1.  Both the ADC and DAC are set to a sample rate of 96kHz, I wanted to generate an interrupt every 1/96kHz to do the processing.  The processing algorithm takes less than 10ms. I've tried to set up DMA buffers to do this to minimise any overhead.

Currently the code I have reads and processes a single data pair, after this no further interrupts are generated.  (rx_count = 1, tx_count = 0)

Do I need to manually clear the interrupt, or is having separte tx and rx interupts causing my code to hang.  Any help is appreciated.

Please find code attached.

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