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ADSP-21363 SPI 32bit 40Mhz problem


I have a problem with SPI interface at maximum frequency (40MHz).

The problem is as follows:


                R12 = 0x07900017;

                DM (TXSPI) =  R12;





                bit tst ustat4 RXS;//SPIFE;

                IF NOT TF jump (pc,-2);

While configured as  SPIBAUD = 4, i. е. SPICLK=20 MHz RXS bit set’s up properly.

While configured as SPIBAUD = 2, i. е. SPICLK=40 MHz RXS bit doesn’t set’s up at all.

Regarding SPIFE bit it always set up properly.

                SPI configuration:

                USTAT4 = 0x5D05;

                DM (SPICTL) = USTAT4;

Probably this problem is somehow related to 32bit words since if word length is changed to 8bit RSX is set up even at 40MHz.

Any comments on that?

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