ADSP-21479 Software reset


In order to be able to implement a firmware-upgrade system, I'm trying to get the DSP to reboot and reload the application firmware from SPI NOR flash. From what I've gathered, writing the SRST bit in SYSCTL should do just that.

However, the core never seems to be able to come out of reset. There is no activity on the SPI bus.

Please see the code snippet below. I've tried several things, such as resetting the SPI peripheral, and putting the PLL in bypass. None of those methods seem to help. I've also added the reset code to the start of the program, as recommended in a different discussion here.

Please note that performing a hard-reset does work.

Is there something that I'm forgetting?

// Reset SPI registers.





// PMCTL register is not reset during a software reset. Make sure the SPI is on so we can boot.


// Put PLL in bypass mode.

*pPMCTL |= PLLBP; // Should NOT be done in the same clock cycle as setting the multiplier.

//Wait for around 4096 cycles for the pll to lock.

for (i = 0; i < 4096; i++)


*pSYSCTL = SRST; // Soft reset