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ADSP-21375KSWZ-2B temperature testing issue


    My customer applied ADSP-21375KSWZ-2B for their product. During the system power-up and re-boot stage, MCU will config ADSP-21375 by SPI interface.

There is a phenomenon about this problem:

When the system is in normal working mode, the Customer uses a hair drier to increase the environment temperature to +55 degree centigrade. Everything is ok when the temperature reached +55 degree centigrade. Then they powered down and restart the system at +55 degree centigrade, they found the SPI interface of ADSP-21375 didn't worked correctly so that MCU could not configure our DSP and the system will work down. They tested the SPI signal by oscilloscope, MCU could send out the SPI signal correctly, but ADSP-21375 didn't respond correctly.

    Would you please help to extend some suggestion about this problem? Thanks!