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intermittent booting please help

Can someone please help me Im really stuck

I built a ADSP-21261 custom board, the system seems to have successfully booted via from M2516 SPI flash (in master mode), however im finding a problem with intermittent booting,where the board doesn't successfully boot the system first time during power up, most of the time I have to power cycle the board quite a few times to get the board to boot correctly.

Note: the program is very simple it just toggles Flag1 so no PLL software setup was used and the clock config is set to 3:1, this is obviously used to test the the boot sequence.

I've read all most of the SHARCEE engineering docs referenced on the forum, so far I haven't found a solution or cause to why this is happening the docs does have alot of useful information which I have taken into consideration, but this problem seems unique.

This experiences seems similar to post however im using a ADSP-21261

Here is my setup

1) I'm using CCES 1.0.3

2) Here is my cldp command (which seems to work)

cldp -proc ADSP-21262 -emu "ICE-100" -driver "C:\Users\admin\CrossCore Embedded Studio\examples\21262_ezkit_lite_1.0.0\M25P16_Flasher\Debug\M2516_Flasher.dxe"   -cmd prog -erase all -format hex -file "C:\Users\admin\CrossCore Embedded Studio\examples\21262_ezkit_lite_1.0.0\Core_Timer\Debug\Core_Timer.ldr"  -cmd compare  -format hex  -offset 0  -file "C:\Users\admin\CrossCore Embedded Studio\examples\21262_ezkit_lite_1.0.0\Core_Timer\Debug\Core_Timer.ldr"

3) See attachment for my SHARC loader settings.

4) I'm using the default kernel, I'm using the following CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.0.3\SHARC\ldr\26x_spi.dxe

5) Find some attachments illustrating the problem
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