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SigmaStudio + ADSP SC-589:  First startup - please help

Hello everyone - 1 noob here.  Trying to fire up the EZ-Kit / SC-589 for the first time.  I seem to encounter some glitches that the manual ( ) does not stipulate.

I have CCES 2.5.0, SigmaStudio 3.14, as well SigmaStudio for SHARC / SHARC AudioToolbox.

My board is hooked up, ICE-1000 + kit-SD-card inserted. 

*  But my USB in the HardwareConfig window is 'red'

*  CompilerOutput says DXE not loaded for SHARC

*  There are 2 yellow LEDs flashing under the IDE-connection points, as well three yellow LEDs on the opposite side of the board

If anyone could give me a brief super-quick intro to fire this thing up it would be very appreciated indeed.  Thank you all in advance!

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