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cldp throws Error: failed to resolve symbol "AFP_BreakReady".

I'm using the ADSP-21469 EZ-Kit with Cross Core Embedded Studio. I loaded up the Power On Self Test example and ran the debugger. I also loaded the AD1939_Sampled_Based_Talkthru_48_Or_96 kHz and ran the debugger with that as well. I am using the ICE-1000 emulator and everything ran fine in the debugger. I was able to run the talkthru and I heard my signal just fine through my speaker.

Now the issue I'm having is when I try to actually program the device. I used elfloader with the following command:

elfloader "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.dxe" -proc ADSP-21469

That generated the .ldr file just fine, and then I used the following command with the cldr: 

cldr -proc ADSP-21469 -emu ICE-1000 -driver "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.dxe" -cmd info -cmd prog -erase affected -format hex -file "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.ldr" -cmd compare -format hex -file "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.ldr"

And that's when I got the output you see here:

Target Sharc Emulators/EZ-KIT Lites
Platform ADSP-21469 via ICE-1000
Processor ADSP-21469
Core 0
Driver C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.dxe
Error: failed to resolve symbol "AFP_BreakReady".
Error: driver load failed.

I've looked over some of the other posts about this issue but so far I haven't seen a solution that works. Does anyone know what causes this error and how I can fix it?

  • Hello,

    The "AFP_BreakReady" error may cause if you are selecting the incorrect driver file. I can confirm that you are using wrong driver file, please select appropriate serial or parallel flash driver file from the ADSP-BF469 BSP located in the below path.
    <installation path>:\Analog Devices\ADSP-21469_EZKIT-Rel1.0.0\21469_EZ-Board\Examples\Device_Programmer

    Best Regards,


  • Looks like I was making a big mistake! I was using the dxe file for my program in the CLDP command. I should have been using the driver file from the device_programmer example. Once I made the change everything went off without a hitch. I feel like it's kind of confusing to say DXE file, when the first file I go to for that is the DXE from the program I'm trying to deploy. Anyway, what baffles me the most is just how convoluted the process of programming my kit is. I'm sure you understand.

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