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General Question : Interleaved and Non-Interleaved audio data processing - Which one is the best for SHARC DSPs ?

Category: Software

Hi everyone, is there a difference between interleaved and non-interleaved audio processing concerning the performances on SHARC DSPs ? If yes, then which one is the most optimized ? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Are you asking about SPORT Interleave option? If so, The primary and secondary data pins provide a method to increase the data throughput of the serial port. They do not behave as totally separate SPORTs; rather, they operate in a synchronous manner (sharing clock and frame sync) but on separate data. The data received on the primary and secondary pins are interleaved in main memory.

    If this doesn't help, could you please provide more details about “interleaved and non-interleaved audio processing” in your application.