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Power Dissipation

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADSP-21369

I am Using ADSP-21369,for the processor I wanted to calculate "Junction temperature @ ambient 25deg". In the datasheet "ADSP-21369 (Rev. H)" to find the Power dissipation its mentioned to refer "Engineer-to-Engineer Note EE-299", but nowhere I could find the Pd. Instead In appendix D, To calculate Tj,  said to use total Power consumption of processor in the formula "Tj = Ttop + (PTOTAL x ψJT)

Please let me know the which formula to be followed to calculate TJ,  Either Tj = TT + (PTOTAL x ψJT) or Tj= Ta + (θJA × Pd) and Where I can find Pd for the ADSP-21369.


Ayyappan A