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Category: Software
Product Number: JTAG
Hi all,
1. Can we Update application code through USB (or other means), besides JTAG, for bare metal without opening the unit. 
2. Update of parameters in pre-defined location of the FLASH without opening the unit. Function call to a predetermined location in FLASH, implementing re-programmable application, after PS main start.
Any drivers or code required to re-program would be initialized prior to this function call.
Kindly Provide a info/solution

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  • Hi,

    1 >> Could you please confirm whether you need to flash the application Without Jtag.
    If so, Unfortunately, Analog Devices do not provide a non-emulator solution(without jtag device) for flashing. You would have to look at third parties.

    Alternative solutions for mass production flash programming are available, the JTAG Flash Programmer from
    BP Micro Systems:
    Data IO:

    For more details, contact these 3rd parties who offer programmers.

    We only have a CLDP programmer, CCES contains a Command Line Device Programmer (cldp) utility which is used to flash on a target board(flash the LDR file into target).

    2>> we couldn't understand your exact requirement. Could you please let us know, what do you mean by "without opening the unit" and "after PS main start"

    Also, please confirm whether you need to flash the program in specific address.

    Please explain the exact requirement in more detail and let us know the processor you are using.