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Synchronous SPDIF+DSP+DAC:

Category: Software

I just begin to study my new project: I plan to build a complete audio DAC using a DSP (Sharc preferably) based on the following principles, that have already been explored by various brands.

Here is what I want to do:

SPDIF input -> Digital Receiver (such as CS8414, DIR9001 or any other receiver) -> DSP -> DAC chip. In a first step, I am only interested by the 16bits/44.1kHz data flow (CD standard).

The DSP will be in charge to feed the DAC chip with the best possible digital signal, by improving the digital signal delivered by the receiver (this approach has already been used by various companies for serious audio Dacs).

I assume that the role of the DSP is to apply a FIR filter onto the digital data flow delivered by the digital receiver.

I am desperately looking for examples on how to program a DSP for doing this, and how to "connect" the DSP to both the Receiver and the DAC chip. This is both a hadware and software question...

Can you help me ?

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