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Synchronous SPDIF+DSP+DAC:

Category: Software

I just begin to study my new project: I plan to build a complete audio DAC using a DSP (Sharc preferably) based on the following principles, that have already been explored by various brands.

Here is what I want to do:

SPDIF input -> Digital Receiver (such as CS8414, DIR9001 or any other receiver) -> DSP -> DAC chip. In a first step, I am only interested by the 16bits/44.1kHz data flow (CD standard).

The DSP will be in charge to feed the DAC chip with the best possible digital signal, by improving the digital signal delivered by the receiver (this approach has already been used by various companies for serious audio Dacs).

I assume that the role of the DSP is to apply a FIR filter onto the digital data flow delivered by the digital receiver.

I am desperately looking for examples on how to program a DSP for doing this, and how to "connect" the DSP to both the Receiver and the DAC chip. This is both a hadware and software question...

Can you help me ?

  • Hi,

    Analog Devices' SHARC® processor family dominates the floating-point DSP market with exceptional core and memory performance and outstanding I/O throughput. With multiple products variants and price points, SHARC brings real-time floating-point processing performance to many applications where dynamic range is key. Latest products provide leading performance/power efficiency and advanced connectivity with an integrated ARM® core.  

    You can get more information about SHARC processors in the below link:

    New multi core processors are the latest in a growing series of high-performance, power-efficient, real-time platforms that deliver greater than 6 giga-floating-point operations per second using two enhanced SHARC+ cores and advanced DSP accelerators (FFT, FIR, IIR).

    The ADSP-SC5xx processors have the multi-core SHARC+ with ARM in the architecture. Please refer the below link for more details:

    The ADSP-2156x audio processors are specifically targeted for applications that demand deterministic and low latency real-time audio processing including immersive 3D sound and personal audio zones, automotive active and road noise cancellation (ANC/RNC), voice-based user-interfaces and in-car communications (AEC/NR & microphone beamforming), engine sound synthesis (ESS) and electric vehicle warning sound systems (EVWSS/AVAS).

    The ADSP-SC59x/2159x family are single- or dual-SHARC+ DSP core floating-point processors

    We have Processors Software and Tools page provides a convenient look-up table to indicate to users what evaluation platforms, extender cards, emulators, software development tools, and middleware are available for the specific processors you have chosen to evaluate for your designs.
    SHARC       -

    For more details on pricing and availability questions, please contact your nearest ADI sales and distributors. Please find the link given below.

    We have evaluation kits available for different processors which will provide a platform for customer to evaluate our DSPs. When you navigate through our product specific page you would find its evaluation platform with associate.

    If you can provide more information on other requirements from the external interfaces, the speed grade, memory requirements, package, which you are looking for, then we can help you narrow down to select the right derivative in processor family.

    CCES is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the Blackfin and SHARC processor families. Employing the latest generation of our mature code generations tools, this EclipseTm based IDE provides seamless, intuitive C/C++ and assembly language editing, code-gen, and debug support.

    The below FAQ CrossCore® Embedded Studio – Getting Started would give you better insight,

    Please Let us know for further assistance.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • Thank you very much for this very useful information !

    These DSP are world-class, no doubt !

    The evaluation boards are a plus, but the price of CCES software is a problem (approx.1,500€ in France), as long as I am not sure to be able to make my project working (it is my first DSP based project)...

  • Hi,

    An EZ-Kit license ships with applicable EZ-Kits. It behaves exactly like the node locked license except it only works with the EZ-Kit and emulator it ships with. It does not support a simulator target. An EZ-KIT license is included with EZ-KIT evaluation boards for the following parts: ADSP-21569, ADSP-BF706, ADSP-BF707, ADSP-SC573, ADSP-SC584, ADSP-SC589,ADSP-SC594, ADSP-SC598,ADSP-21593 and ADuCM3029.

    An evaluation license can also be obtained from CrossCore Embedded Studio,which offers a tool chain evaluation license the first time it runs. It can be activated once on a particular machine. Once entered and activated, the license will be valid for 90 days.

    Please refer the below FAQ to obtain evaluation license for CCES


  • hi, the eval adau 1467 is cheaper and sigmastudio if free, this board includes SPDIF input, fast enough DSP, plenty of memory, and 8ch 24bit 192KHz AD1937 DACs, so why even bother using a much more complex and expensive ADI DSP chip, especially for a 1st time personal DSP project ? 

  • Hi iravelo,

    You are totally right and I came also to the same conclusion (other persons give me the same advice than you).

    They suggest me to use the adau 1466: so I have to identify what are the differences between the adau 1466 and adau 1467 ??? (their price is almost the same, they seem to have the same performance, etc...).

    I will buy the adau 1466Z or adau 1467Z Evaluation board, depending on the differences between the both DSPs...

    Thank you for your reply,

  • I was able to find only the 1467 eval board, i suggest to not buy chinese 1466 board but invest in solid , more expensive board from ADI

  • I totally agree: I have found the genuine ADI AD1466Z Evaluation Board from Mouser, so no problem.

    You should have a look at Mouser: they currently have plenty in stock.

  • hi, I've bought a 1467Z eval board from mouser, it flied during the weekend all over from USA to france and no custom fees reclaimed for now (DHL et known to be evil for that), I did not find any 1466 board a few week a go when I ordered mine

  • This is exactly what I said and what I plan to do: I will buy a 1466Z Evaluation board to play smoothly with the 1466, and ... wait 2024 to buy one !

    By the way, I cannot understand how is it possible to have so long delay: the Covid has been over for months , so the production should be back to normal !?