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Change the Core Clock Frequency during Runtime

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADSP-21489

What is the sequence of commands to change the ADSP-21489 Core Clock frequency using the SPI?



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  • Hi Dan,

    You can try this by using SPI slave boot method. The Host Application would send the Boot Application file (PLL configuration) to the slave via supported protocols (such as SPI) where the slave will receive the .ldr and execute in it's own when it's configured to a boot slave mode by Boot Switch/SYS_BMODE pin.

    For changing the PLL configuration please refer the below application note EE-290 which describes how to program the core phase-locked loop (PLL) on ADSP-2126x, ADSP-2136x, ADSP-2137x, ADSP-2146x, ADSP-2147x and ADSP-2148x SHARC® processors.

    To know about SPI slave boot method please refer "SPI slave Boot Mode" (Pg No: 915) in HRM

    Anand Selvaraj.

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