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How make sure all code and data in L1 ram,please help.

thank you!

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  • Hi,

    You can view the used and unused memory using a MAP file.

    To Enable "Generate Symbol MAP" option Go to Project-->Properties-->C/C++ Build --> SHARC Linker option in the tool setting tab --> General --> Enable the "Generate symbol map (-map)" option. A MAP.xml file will created in the 'Debug' folder after a successful build.

    If you enabled the option to "Generate Symbol Map", the Linker will generate a file which can be viewed in Internet Explorer to view the memory map of your project. It shows the memory sections declared in the LDF, their start and end bounds and - most importantly - their free/used space. Using this map file you can also determine whether there is perhaps a memory section that is being under-used that you could place more data into.

    Anand Selvaraj.