Output polarity change in PWM signal cause dead time to result in cross conduction

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For PWM configuration in SC589 MINI,

The PWM Output channel pairs configured in my project is PWM0 - CH,CL and DH, DL. With dead time of 16ns (Td(min) = 1 × 2 × tSCLK0_0 = 1 × 2 × 8 × 10-9 = 16 ns).

1) Here after the dead band configuration, If I change the output polarity of CH and CL to Low and High respectively. The resultant output CH and CL PWM signal gets cross conduction of 16ns as like below.

2) If I configure the output polarity for CH and CL as Active High and Active Low respectively. The output PWM signal of CH and CL is having dead band properly as like below.

But my need is to configure output polarity as like 1) one(output polarity CH and CL to Low and High respectively) and without getting cross conduction(dead band should happen as like above).

Is polarity change causes to make this issue happen?

Can we have any other solution to swap CH and CL signal  in other way possibilities other than polarity inversion.

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