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I need help about adsp-21584 spi2.


I had trouble on using SPI2 DMA27 .  The SPI2 is slave configure connect with Ti AM3358. 

I configure the SPI2 working well no DMA .

But I enable DMA27 for receiving, the pREG_DMA27_ADDRSTART register is not  the address I wrote.

My buffer address is 0x002427d0. But the REG_DMA27_ADDRSTART is 200BE810. 

However the DMA27 could  get DMA interrupt and receive data correctly when I watch the data start on 200BE810.

A new discovery, when I click the button "Restart" on CCES,   the pREG_DMA27_ADDRSTART register got  0x002427d0.

But DMA27 not working or only recive one byte, and got error stat. 

Thanks everyone who  helps me !

sharc adsp 21584 SPI2 DMA question
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