about "adi_rom_otp_lock" api


SC573 - Problem with securely locking device - Q&A - SHARC Processors - EngineerZone (analog.com)

Hello, I have encountered a problem that is exactly the same as these two links. I burned OTP on 21569, and successfully wrote the debugging key, encryption key and public key. Calling adi_rom_otp_lock also returned true, but the processor Still not locked. And I used "cldp -proc ADSP-21569 -emu ICE-1000 -driver OTPProgrammer.dxe -device otp -cmd lock" in the pop-up prompt "Whether to lock the processor permanently" I chose to confirm, but The result is also the same.

I did not find the answer to the problem in the above two links. It seems that I need to find processor.support@analog.com to obtain a patch package? What do I need to do, send an email? How long will it take me to solve this problem?