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ADSP-21479 as a master SPI

Hello Everyone,

I'm Ali Elsayed, I'm currently working as an intern on a project using ADSP-21479. The DSP is connected to a force-tourque sensor via SPI and directly to other sensors namely, a GPS and two optical encoders. It shall read and process the data from them and send it to both a BLE module and a SD card via master-multi slave SPI configuration. The simplified block diagram of the chip can be found below. 

I've CCES 2.9.4 version to be used to program the DSP via JTAG-USB emulator (ICE 2000). However, I don't have the sufficient background in embedded systems and I need some directions on how to start and how to use CCES effeciently, especially given the limited time of the internship.

Also, Do I need to get an OS (Kernel) to simplify the scheduling of the processor operations given the above mentioned level of complexity? I read about the micrium OS II but I'm not sure if it's necessary or I can program the DSP using the interupts using the conventional programming methods.

System Block Diagram:

Thanks a lot for your time and help,

appologies if my questions are very basic but I'm eager to learn, I just need some guidance to start.