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iI am Sruthi. I am working on ADSP21369. I am using S29AL016J as boot flash. I am trying to load .ldr file in flash through serial port of ADSP21369 using GUI . I am able to write .ldr file into flash . I compared the data of .ldr file and data written into flash. Both are same. But booting is not happening. After power off and on also data is remaining in flash. 

I want to know why booting is not happening, still the data is there also.

Pls help.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 24, 2020 12:27 PM


    Can you please provide more information on below points to assist you better on this.

    1) Have you modified the flash driver according to the flash part you have selected? If not, I would suggest you to do this.
    2) Have you modified the INIT code? Have you configured PLL? Because, by default "init code" will configure the PLL for Ez-kit? This need to be changed as per CLKIN used in your system.
    3) Did you get a chance to connect the processor in DND(Do Not Disturb) mode and check if the application is booting. This would help to isolate whether the issue is with booting or the application. Please refer the below FAQ for connecting the processor in DND mode.

    4) Are you using external memory? Are you using CCES or Visual DSP++?
    5) Ensure that the /TRST signal of the JTAG ICE is connected to board ground. Do not leave this signal floating. Letting this signal float may cause boot failures or other memory access failures.
    6) Verify the Power-Up Sequencing timing diagram(Page No: 20 / 62) which is mentioned in the ADSP-21369 datasheet. And make sure that the processor is properly coming out of RESET.
    7) Ensure that you have selected the correct parameters while generating the .LDR file. Selecting an inappropriate parameter may cause the boot to fail.
    8) Ensure that the correct "init code" is used before generating the loader (.LDR) file. If you are using a "modified init code", try using the default boot kernel supplied with CCES (or) VDSP++ together with an example application to confirm basic boot-loading.
    9) What kind of application you are booting? I would suggest you to boot a simple LED Blink code and verify whether booting occurs successfully. Later on you can proceed booting your application.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to FLASH in four different ways:

    1. FLASH through FLASH programmer Utility which is available in the VDSP IDE.

    2. Through command prompt for cross core embedded studio

    3. Through program by giving .ldr path 

    4.Through customized LDR writer app, in which we have an option to browse for .ldr file and program by selecting baud rate, com port settings etc.

    In the first 2 methods, FLASH driver project (.dxe) is loaded by customizing it as per the FLASH specifications. we are able to program successfully and booting is also happening by these methods.

    In the 3rd method, we are not loading flash driver file but still we are able to FLASH successfully and booting is also happening.

    In all these 3 methods we are programming using EMULATOR(JTAG). But our application requirement is, we should not use JTAG for FLASH programming. That is the reason we are using LDR writer app which uses the serial communication to load the .ldr file (4th method). We are able to write the .ldr file successfully into the FLASH memory. But booting is not happening. We checked the FLASH memory after power OFF and ON. The data in FLASH remains same as expected, but still booting is not happening. Could you please help me in resolving this issue at the earliest.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 19, 2021 2:17 PM in reply to


    Apologies for the delay in response.

    I understand that you are trying to flash the application without using JTAG. I would suggest you to flash the application through UART.

    Please refer the below FAQ link for "ADSP-SC58x Firmware Upgrade using UART" and modify as per your requirement for ADSP-21369.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • Hi

    Whenever giving command from uart to proccessor . processor  going to  reset again and again. Can you please help me how to solve this issue

  • Hii,

    Thank you for your reply. I read the document which you suggested, but ldr viewer is using for blackfin processor. ADSP 21369 is sharc processor, and I am using ldr writer. I am able to write into flash and the code is retained in the memory after power off and on also. But booting is not happening. What is the reason for that. Is there any hardware changes needed if we are writing flash through serial port?