SC589 Maximum SPORT SCLK frequency

Table 29 page 81 of the ADSP-SC589 datasheet indicates that the maximum SPORT SCLK frequency (fSPRCLKEXT and fSPRCLKPROG)  is 31.25 MHz.

For 16 bit audio data at 48000KHz sampling rate this would restrict each SPORT to 64 channels which seems a bit low when the maximum number of channel supported is 1024. 

Also the restriction is given where fSPRCLKEXT <= fSCLK0 where fSCLK0 can be 125MHz.

Is it possible to externally clock the SPORT TX line at more than 31.25 MHz?



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 3, 2020 12:12 PM 2 months ago in reply to Brettcoupe

    That´s only partly correct. For internally generated clocks, the maximum supported clock rate is indeed 31.25MHz for receiving.

    BUT, when clokcs are externally generated, the maximum supported clock rate is 62,5MHz for receiving.

    It´s exactly the opposite as when transmitting. Please refer to the Table 29, Page 81, of the device datasheet (here is an excerpt highlighting SPORT specs):

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