ADZS-21479-EZLITE TWI Simple code for CCES


I am a on-chip beginner.

I want to transfer the data from sensor(I2C) to ADSP-21479.

Use the CCES and find the example code: "Power_On_Self_test/src/temp_sensor_test.c", but I still don't know how to write the program in my project.

There are so many file(.c)(.h) in this project. I spent almost a month researching.

I can control the LEDs, but others is difficult for me.

  • Operating system: win10
  • Development board: ADZS-21479-EZLITE
  • DSP processor: ADSP-21479
  • Debug method: Using the standalone Debug Agent
  • Development tools: CrossCoreEmbeddedStudio_2.9.3
  • Programming language: C/C++


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 23, 2020 11:30 AM 1 month ago


    Apologies for delayed response.

    There is a simple example code for TWI in the below link. You can use this as a reference and modify based on your requirement.

    This example code is for VisualDSP++. However, you can modify the same for CCES. While migrating from VDSP to CCES, there are a number of ways in which VisualDSP++ applications differ from CCES applications: RTOS, interrupt handling, SSL/DD APIs, and more. If your VisualDSP++ application uses such mechanisms, you have to make corresponding changes to your application's source code before the application can build in CCES. Similarly, if your application uses a customized LDF, the LDF may make references to libraries that are not used in CCES, or omit ones that are.

    More information about importing VisualDSP++ project files into CrossCore Embedded Studio is available at:

    Anand Selvaraj.