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AD1933 8-Channel DAC


I'm working with ADSP-SC584 Sharc DSP.

Is there any BSP support for AD1933 8-Channel DAC?

This DAC is not part of EZ KIT.


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    on Feb 12, 2020 7:28 PM over 1 year ago


    The AD1933 has the same register set as the AD1938, AD1937, AD1939 with the obvious exclusion of the ADC registers. So any code that controls the AD1938 codec should work fine for the AD1933. 

    I will move this post over to the SHARC space on the forum. I only saw this because you use the keyword AD1933 which I support so I get an email when it is mentioned. I do not support the SHARC products so you will get more help there. 


    Dave T