General-Purpose Timer of SC589


         I am using the TMR02 of General-Purpose Timer of SC589. I can not clear the TIMER_DATA_ILAT , so the program can not return from the ISR.

The method of clearing the TIMER_DATA_ILAT is as follow:


       The project is in the appendix.

       I do not know where the issue is, Is there anybody can help me. I will appreciate it very much.

Best wishes!


  • I have resolved the issue.
    There are not something wrong with my project, the project in the appendix is right.
    The only thing I did is that I changed the value of period_C from 200 to 200000000,after that I can see the change of the according bit of TIMER_DATA_ILAT.
    The fact is that the program can return from the ISR correctly, I just did not find it.
    Best wishes!