Reset values of core registers for ADSP-214xx


I'm reading  the SHARC® Processor Programming Reference, rev 2.4.  Under Preface --> Register Diagram Conventions can see the text "The reset value appears in binary in the individual bits and in hexadecimal to the right of the register." .  On the next page (FIgure 1)  Timer Configuration Registers is shown as an example  with reset value on the right (Reset = 0x0000). Seems this is the only place in this document , where reset values for core registers are mentioned.  Anyone knows where they can be found ?  



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    Hi Ruben,

    For convenience and consistency, Analog Devices provides a header file that contains these bit and registers definitions. CrossCore Embedded Studio provides processor specific header files in the SHARC/include directory.
    An #include file is provided with the VisualDSP tools and can be found in the VisualDSP/processortype/include directory.

    Please refer "A Register" section in preface SHARC® Processor Programming Reference, rev 2.4. In the register diagrams grayed or shaded bits are reserved and the other bits can be read and writable.
    Whatever binary values are in that register diagram are default values.

    Anand Selvaraj.