PIN13 to PIN18 on DAI0 & DAI1 ADSP-SC584

I am using ADSP-SC584 for a project. I am planning to use couple of SPORTs in the project to communicate with ADCs and DACs. However, i don't see DAI0_PIN13 to DAI0_PIN18 on both DAI0 and DAI1. In the HRM, it is written that they are not bonded off chip.

1) So what exactly is the use of pin 13 to 18 for both DAIs?

2) Is there any way I can use these pins to get serial signals out of chip?

3) There are 8 SPORTs between 2 DAIs. Each SPORT require 5 pins. So in total i need 40 DAI pins, but I only have 28 DAI pins (1 to 12, 19, 20 for DAI0 and DAI1). So how can I use all SPORT modules at the same time if i need to?


Hard Patel

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