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we are using ADSP 21161 in our project. we completed our application software designing and finally we want to store our application code to external flash. 

we have configured the boot pin as per the reference manual but the DSP is not getting booted up upon power on reset. The main observation what we have made is DSP is not asserting the BMS pin which served as a chip select for the external flash.

Thank you,

  • Hi Chethan,

    From your mail, I can understand that you are using ADSP-21161 custom board. Please confirm this once again.

    Can you please comment on the below points to assist you better on this issue?

    1. What kind of application you are booting? I would suggest you to boot a simple LED Blink code and verify whether booting occurs successfully. Later on you can proceed booting your application.
    2. Have you modified the flash driver according to the flash part you have selected? If not, I would suggest you to do this.
    3. What is the flash part you are using?
    4. If possible, can you share the schematics of how the flash is connected to the processor?
    5. Ensure that the /TRST signal of the JTAG ICE is connected to board ground. Do not leave this signal floating. Letting this signal float may cause boot failures or other memory access failures.

    BTW, the following application note might also help.

    Lalitha S

  • 1. First I am just trying to toggle flag pins and it is verified using emulator.

    2. We have designed our own application to load data to flash and we have ensured it is working fine. We have written complete .ldr file and read back and compared data.

    3. MX29LV320ETTI-70G

    4. Please find attachment.

    5. TRST signal is board grounded.

  • please find block diagram in a file attached to this message.DOCX

  • Hello ,

    Apologies for the delay. Were you able to get going. Let me know if you are still facing any issues.