ADSP 21489 sometimes not booting from flash in master mode


     I am using ADSP-21489, and I've designed it to boot from SPI Flash The Flash chip is W25Q32,and i used the same circuit  as the ADSP-21489 EZ Board. Also my BOOT_CFG[1:0] is 01, i.e. SPI master mode, clock config is 16:1 and i used following options in project options.

boot type: spi flash

kernel: default kernel file, 

format: binary

width: 8bit

After 1 second of power on, I am providing following pattern on reset pin,

400ms ON time, 400ms OFF time and then continuously HIGH

The issue I'm facing is, sometimes (randomly you can say) ADSP 21489 does not boot from flash.


During not booting condition,

The chip select stays always low and there is no data flow between ADSP and flash. My circuit of flash is similar to ADSP 21489 EZ-KIT. Only difference is MISO pin is not pulled up.