ADSP-21573/ADSP-SC573 and external SRAM

Good day! I have simple question about ADSP-21573/ADSP-SC573. Can external memory controller of ADSP-21573 and ADSP-SC573 work with external SRAM? There is some SMC - this is what we need or it's for something else? We need an analog of AMI from 489 family. This is necessary for connecting NVSRAM as well as for communication with FPGA.

  • Hi Mikhail,

    Yes, the static memory controller (SMC) of SC573 is a protocol converter and data transfer interface between the internal processor bus and the external L3 memory. It provides a glueless interface to various external memories and peripheral devices, including:
    NOR flash memory
    FPGA/ASIC devices

    The SMC acts as an SCB slave. The processor SCB interconnect fabric arbitrates accesses to the SMC. On the chip boundary, the SMC connects to an address bus, a data bus, and signal pins for memory control (such as read, write, output enable, and memory select lines)

    For more information please refer the  chapter 10 Static Memory Controller (SMC) int he SC573 HRM,

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  • Good Day!

    I have a question in progress to previous. The role of SMC is clear enough. But the only mention about SMC is Chapter 10 of HRM. But no datasheet no other resources does not show the presence of SMC in ADSP-SC573 on structural diagramm and there are no connection of SMC signals to chip pins. If you are thinking about DMC multiplexing there are no mention about alternative (SMC) signal functions. And also DMC_VDD has only one option 1.8Volts. How could I connect 3.3Volts FPGA and NVSRAM to ADSP-SC573?

  • Hello,

    For SMC, we don’t support it. Hence there is no way to connect gluelessly any SRAM or FPGA with asynchronous bus interface.