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Re: Need a code example of slave spi-dma for 21262

Dear Jeyanthi :

                          I download your attached file, I have some question hope you can help me ?

1.The attached file code is for SPI slave recevice?

2.Do you have example code is for SPI slave transmit?

3.Can you give some advice to me about my problem? I really don't know where is the problem!  Thanks so much!

  • Hi Pingu,

               The 21262_SPI_Slave example code uses the SPI slave in receive mode. The same code can be modified for transmit operation as below:

    void main()
    *pSPICTL = 0;

    interrupt(SIG_SPIH, Transmit_data);

    *pSPICTL =  SPIEN | TIMOD1 | WL32;


    void Transmit_data(int i)
    *pTXSPI =  source[int_count];

    if(int_count >= N)
      *pSPICTL = 0;

    Regarding the issue seen on the other post, I could see that Mitesh has suggested few things on his last post. It will be good if you can post your follow-up questions on the same post to avoid any duplication efforts.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,