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21488 Crash Issue

Dear all,

I have a problem that 21488DSP crashs after it runs sometime. Please see attached picture - crash.jpg which shows a illegal PC value in PC stack.

In the picture, AEC_DSP3/4/5/6 runs the same code, AEC_DSP3 has crashed, and AEC_DSP4/5/6 keep running.

Introduction of AEC_DSP3/4/5/6 code:

1) Mixture programming, control part using C, AEC algorithm using Assembly.

2) VISA mode.

3) First half of DSP memory BLOCK0 is used for Code, second half is used for data access, and the data access don't use DMA. LDF description as following:  

  // following seg_rth section: start from 0x124000+0x300 = 0x124300.

  // 0xFD00 * 16bits

  seg_int_code { TYPE(SW RAM) START(0x00124300) END(0x0012BFFF) WIDTH(16) }

  dataRe_dmda  { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x00096000) END(0x00099FFF) WIDTH(32) } // 16K

AVB_AEC3_Handler.c includes all the interrupts used in my code.

Any suggestions for checking and fixing this issue? Thanks in advanced!
  • Hi Ares,

    In order to comment better on the issue, could you please explain what are you trying to do in your application code.

    Kindly explain the flow of code, so that we can try to figure out what might be causing your system to crash.

    You may even try some trial tests by commenting out some portion of the code and then checking if the crash still exist or not. This way it will become easier for you to isolate the cause of the issue which can be debugged separately.

    Please let me know in case you have any further queries/doubts.