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SC573 security problem

SC573 security problem

I set public and private key in OTP memory using API functions. Then lock the device with function 'adi_rom_lock'. All functions returned 'true'. Then I reset the device. But device is OPEN. I can load unsecure programs to it and read OTP. I try to read lockbit in OTP memory location 0x48C: it is '1'. 

I repeat this procedure at another chip with the same result. The chip revision is 0.0.

The same procedure on Blackfin BF707 (it has the same security system) lock the part without any problem.

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  • Hi,

    Have you tried with Open part before locking the part? Before programming into OTP, we would suggest you to setup secure booting on an open, non-locked part for development and testing.
    The ROM code provides a mechanism to boot a secure boot stream on an open part without writing any keys into the OTP memory. This can be very useful in validating the generated key and
    application stream before writing to OTP memory. Please follow the application note EE-366 for more details about Understanding the SecureBoot_OpenPart Example Project.

    Please ensure that you have the Secure registers configured in your application. The peripherals which are used in your application only needs to be configured for the secure privileges on the SPU_SECUREP(n) registers. Also, we would also suggest you to check the system cache configurations.
    You can refer SPU chapter of the Hardware Reference Manual and ezone thread for the reference. The link for the same is given below.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • Hi, 

    If the ADSP-SC57x family of processor is not getting locked even after programming the security lock bit, this could be due to the fact that security lock bit feature is not enabled on these devices.

    This can be resolved using a patch which will enable you to program the component via JTAG connection.

    Please contact to get this patch.