SIMD fir_interp

I used a 21469 SHARC prior, and the fir_interp library function did not use SIMD. It looks like the SHARC+ fir_interp has the same limitation, Table 3.6 in CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.5.0 C/C++ Library Manual
for SHARC Processors.

Is it possible to specially order the data/coefficients so that a differently coded fir_interp can use SIMD? I need the approx. 2X speedup of SIMD to make the SHARC+ work in a new project, or else will have to consider the TI TMS320C6657.

This post suggest there is a SHARC+ SIMD version of fir_interp but I think it may be in error:  EngineerZone: Message List 

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