ADSP-21573 L3 Interface (sdram) Issue


I just created a new project in CCES 2.5.1 for ADI-21573 platform. Then I wrote a sample application which reads the contents of a file and displays it. This was working fine. The LDF file was automatically generated for this application. Then I wrote another application which requires some amount of additional memory. So I was in need of modifying the LDF file. Previously the heap was mapped to L1 memory of the processor, now I modified the LDF file in such a way that, the heap is mapped to the SDRAM, since I need some extra memory for the application. For this application I'm not getting any 'printf' statements and the 'fscanf' function is not working properly. Is this the issue with SDRAM (L3 interface) of the processor ? Because previously 'printf' statements and the 'fscanf' function was working fine (when the heap was mapped to L1 cache). Can anyone please help me with this issue ?

The Linker Description File (LDF) which I'm using is attached herewith.