SC589 Ez-Kit Ethernet connection using EMAC0


I am using the inetd example supplied with the lwIP_Stack-Rel2.6.0. 

The Ez-kit is connected directly to the PC with an Ethernet cable, the connection is through RJ45 (EMAC0). 

I am able to connect and send receive data from to the PC.   

The issue is that i need a fest connection, i.e. 1000Mb/s. 

In the software i see that EMAC0 is connected to RGMII (unchanged from the original example): 


Nevertheless, I see on the Ez-Kit that the activity led (LED5) is blinking and LED7 is on and LED8 is off, which to the best of my understanding indicate a connection at 100 Mb/s.

The question is how i can connect at 1000Mb/s?