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Documentation of RCU_SIDIS register is confusing and maybe incorrect

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADSP-SC598


We have had problems with properly resetting the sharcs from the ARM core. Also, we see what appears lika a side effect that the ARM watchdog is inhibited from doing a system reset once it has elapsed, if we have started the sharcs.

What sticks out when troubleshooting, is the documentation of the RCU_SIDIS register in the HRM, bits 2:0 are documented as:

2:0 (R/W) SI[n] System Interface Disable Request [2:0].

Each RCU_SIDIS.SI[n] bit corresponds to a functional unit in the processor that supports the system interface disable request-acknowledge protocol.

0 RCU_SI_DISABLE_REQ[2:0] deasserted

1 RCU_SI_DISABLE_REQ[0] system interface disable request to M33 asserted

2 RCU_SI_DISABLE_REQ[1] system interface disable request to SHARC1 asserted

4 Reserved 7 RCU_SI_DISABLE_REQ[2:0] asserted

The value meaning of bits 0:2 are unclear. For instance "1: ...disable request to M33 asserted", does that refer to the ARM core? If so it is still strange, it is not an Cortex-M33 in the sc598, it's a Cortex-A55.

Also for value "2...disable request to SHARC1 asserted"

Does this mean sharc core #1 (or actually SHARC0), and where in such case is the value for disable request for asserting sharc core #2 ?

This almost leads me to believe that value 4: Reserved actually is sharc core #2 and NOT reserved.


Grateful if the bit value meanings here can be clarified, because the interpretation is crucial to how we go about with resetting the sharc cores.

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