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can I set sport 0A - 4A as a group in 21593?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21593

I want to set a sport global group contains 9 channels(SPT0A-3A prim_sec channel + SPT4A prim channel), and they have the same bclk & fs.

SPT0A-SPT3A is of the DAI0, but SPT4A is of the DAI1, is it possible to combine them?

I tried combine SPT0A & SPT4A as a group using `adi_sport_CreateGlobalGroup()`, and registered a callback  using `adi_sport_GlobalRegisterCallback()`. But  the callback function didn't get called. How to solve it?

  • Hi,

    Can you please confirm whether any error bits are enabled in the SPORT registers. Are you facing issue in all the SPORTs(9channels) or any specific channel?

    The SPORT grouping can be done across DAIs. As per software restrictions, DAI0 includes SPORT0 to SPORT3 instances while DAI1 includes SPORT4 to SPORT7 instances. Using this API "adi_sport_GlobalEnable()" twice, create two global groups. This will ensure that the all the sport instances across DAIs are enabled at the same time.

    In order to create a global group of sport devices, it is expected that all the sports in a single group to have same data, Clock, Frame sync configurations.

    Please refer to the "Grouping of SPORTs" and "Programming Global SPORT Groups" for more clarity on SPORT grouping and Global Enable methods in the HRM.

    Ranjitha R