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adi_rom_boot() works when LDR contains single application but not multi-core applications

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-21593
Software Version: CCES


I'm working on SSL(second-stage-loader) application for ADSP-21593, I use adi_rom_boot() API to load applications in SPI flash memory chip.

but I have troubles of loading multi-core applications: 

I created 2 projects for SHARC0 and SHARC1, SHARC0 keeps outputting "Hello world" through UART ports, while SHARC1 does nothing in an endless loop.

when I use the following script to generate a single-application-LDR file and load to SPI flash chip, adi_rom_boot()  will successfully run the "hello_world" application

"D:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.11.1\elfloader.exe" -proc ADSP-21593 -core1="/Debug/test_core1_helloworld.dxe"

but it not when I use the following script to generate multi-application-LDR file:

"D:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.11.1\elfloader.exe" -proc ADSP-21593 -core1="/Debug/test_core1_helloworld.dxe" -NoFinalTag="test_core1_helloworld.dxe"

        -core2="../test_core2_helloworld/Debug/test_core2_helloworld.dxe" -b SPI -f BINARY -Width 8 -bcode 0x9 -o ./test_corex2_helloworld.ldr

why is this happening? how do I fix this?

Thanks and looking for your reply.