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[TpsdkServer] Failed to load file: [Error: Failed to connect to target., Code=0x80047344]

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC572
Software Version: 2.11.1

[TpsdkServer] Failed to load file: {executable} [Error: Failed to connect to target., Code=0x80047344]

  • Hi,

    This issue may be due to session configuration problem.

    Can you please try deleting the existing debug configurations and then delete the project, close the IDE. Now then restart the CCES from first (new workspace) and create a project from scratch or import a project as fresh and launch a new debug configuration and see if the issue still exists. Also reset the board once before load the code.

    You can create new session by referring the below CCES help path.
    CrossCore Embedded Studio<version> > Integrated Development Environment > Debugging Executable Files > Creating a Launch/Debug Configuration for an Application

    On occasions, target connection errors can be caused by the processor booting corrupt code. If possible, please try changing the boot mode of the processor and let us know if this has any affect on the behavior you're seeing.

    If you are still facing issue, please share the below details which help us to assist you further:

    1) Please confirm whether you are facing this issue with all projects. Could you please try to create and run a simple project and let us know how you gets on.
    2) Does the ICE Test utility run successfully or does it fail at any point? If the Test fails, please provide us with a screenshot showing the ICE Test results.
    3) Do you have another target board to connect to your emulator with? Do you still encounter the same error messages?
    4) Do you have any other emulators, which operates correctly with the same target board and PC?
    5) Do you have access to another PC? If you do, please let us know if you are able to connect the board without any issues?