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adi_boot_rom boot failed at an idle loop for ADSPSC584 ARM core

Category: Software
Software Version: CCES 10.1

Hello ADI engineers

I'm trying to boot my main App using the SSL, from your reference code FAQ: ADSP-SC584 SSL Booting via ROM API from the ARM Cortex A5 (core0), SHARC0 and SHARC1 - Documents - ADSP-SC5xx/ADSP-215xx - EngineerZone (

you put the Clock & DMC initialization to initcode, and then call the adi_boot_rom in SSL app for ARM core 0.

Here I just port the clock initialization and DMC init from the initcode into SSL(in this case, no initcode needs to maintain for the project), but when calling the adi_boot_rom, it failed at an idle loop.

Do you have any idea regarding this issue, is this related to silicon Anomaly 20000038? 


best regards